/whois trycam?

I am a fortytwoyearold Jewish gheytheist clinical depressive with severe anger management issues. My uncle just died and I’m headed back to the Midwest. We are not allowed to take chicks from people we don’t gnow; I’m sorry but. Thanks for reading. Anyone need a ride eastbound from dgo today?

input the ten of clubs

Who do you trust? And love, and fear, above all else, to boot. My knife, my jack spaded, black bladed. Everywhere I go, I see people passing by. They keep staring back at me like some freak-ing purgatory.

I’m on a first name basis with serial killers. I’m on a first name basis with serial thrillers. I’m on a first name basis with last name places switch and reversed like the cursed, the AMSTERDAMNED.

When the molotov crockpot tails you in and out, who do u trystandsolde?

let clubten$ = Donnie Darko

prey upon the Melody of filth.

compromise shut the childseyes

death slipped by as choice

now landfills fill with

what have we killed?

I shall never regain

her voice.





god, damn ewe all

if b$ = >3.35 THEN PRINT

  1. shevanel
  2. mordecai
  3. from the plip
  4. and the vein repetitions traced thereupon, heartless bitch of myne.