What up, Ballers? I regret to inform you that Sender’s Game Podcast has been sold to the highest better. Fortunately, the highest better is actually a dear friend of mine named Marco Kylie stone. Why did I say better and not bitter? It’s because I’m voice to text and I just don’t have time to deal with this. Here’s the deal guys. Straight talk no wireless cut to the chase. I have a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder and I have a problem with methamphetamines. If you look at my teeth, you made out the truth of the latter statement but anyone who is ever done decks knows that skateboarding is not a crime it’s an addiction. Dextromethorphaned at age 20 And I have been struggling ever cents. Here’s my two cents my new sensors free thesis who sent you sub for me? This looks like a job for me so everybody just follow me because we need a little controversy and I feel so Baptist without me.

How am I not myself how am I not myself? How do I not myself? How do I not myself? I’ve tried to kill myself at least six times. But never once with a rope. Blades, vehicles, blunt force trauma, auto cartographical erasure of the map and the David Foster Wallace

Sense of the world

Sensei of the whorled

Whirled peas

Sells but who’s buying?

As this chapter of my life draws to a close I choke up thinking of all the gas that I have had on the shelf all the guests I have had on the shelf fuck it man I hate this stupid auto text bullshit

I was going to record live but now I’m recording in the hospital. I’m checking myself in for rehab and going back to Indiana for two weeks. See you on the other side, Ballers. And always remember, Jesus loves you motherfuckers