Amanda Eller

Amanda’s love of climbing began at a young age; scaling whatever she could, be it furniture, trees or the occasional adult. The first time Amanda hit gym rock was at 17 at the local YMCA. After climbing only a few routes, she was hooked. She climbed throughout the remainder of high school and early college. Eventually, life with kids came into the picture, which put climbing on the back-burner.

After a few years hiatus, Amanda was itching to get back to the ropes, so she checked out her local climbing gym and quickly found the passion was still overwhelming. Since then, Amanda has been a regular at her local gym and travels as often as her busy schedule allows. Being from the minerally-challenged state of Michigan, most trips require long weekends and at least 6+ hours of driving. When she gets the opportunity to climb outdoors, you can find her at Michigan’s only lower peninsula climbing destination: Grand Ledge. Amanda enjoys sharing her love of climbing with her husband and their 3 children.

When she’s not climbing, she’s hanging out in her garden with her kiddos or driving around the countryside trying to decide what to eat.

Amanda joined Sender’s Game Podcast to assist in launching Season 3, taking over social media as content curator. With being on the board for her local American Alpine Club as a marketing guru, we just had to ask her to join our team! With a spunky soul and such a hearty dedication to climbing, we think you’ll love her too!

Amanda can be found on instagram as @aeller06