Co-Host: Sarah G-Unit (Season 2)

Sarah began climbing only a little over a year ago. After going through some major life changes, she made a “2017/2018 F*** It List” and began trying an abundance of new things, rock climbing included. Little did she know how quickly she would become addicted to climbing.

She is passionate about all things vertical, especially the steep sandstone of the Red River Gorge and the sharp limestone of El Potrero Chico. Living in the minerally-challenged state of Michigan requires a certain amount of dedication and road worthiness from climbers, so Sarah happily cranks out the miles to get her hands on real rock such as the Red (6 hrs), Devil’s Lake (8 hrs) and the Mad River Gorge (4 hrs). Alas, when she can’t escape reality, you can find her at Planet Rock, the local climbing gym in the Detroit Metro area.

Her favorite routes include Crack Test Dummies at EPC, St. Alfonso’s at RRG and Double Overhang at DL.

Sarah has been an avid supporter of Sender’s Game Podcast since its inception. In addition to being a lover of all things outdoors, she is a crack web designer and rescued from the Myspace-esque cobwebs in which it languished and brought it to life in the 21st century.

She can be found on Instagram as @sarahhgir .

Feature Photo Credit: Samuel Hartman Photography