Fritz Nuffer

There’s a chapter in The Princess Bride in which the mysterious Man in Black is climbing the Cliffs of Insanity. When the rope gets cut, he starts ascending the wall by “making a fist and inserting it into cracks in the rock.”

Fritz wishes that his personal climbing auto-ethnography would begin with something so hardcore. Instead, he actually didn’t like climbing the first time he tried it outdoors. It was in Lake City, Colorado, back in 2010. He struggled mightily on a 5.8 volcanic tuft sport route and decided to stick to mountain biking.

Two years later, a friend twisted his arm into taking a trip to the Holy Desert. There, Fritz learned to jam and was hooked, soon dumping an obscene amount of money into cams and spending his weekends donating blood to the Wingate Foundation.

Fritz’s favorite routes include Atlantis, the Cruise, Cloaked Interpretation and Movable Stoned Voyage. Detect a pattern?

When he’s not climbing, he enjoys singlespeed bikepack racing (which we think is pretty much an excuse for eating oatmeal raisin cookies for breakfast). His favorite trails include the Colorado Trail, the Kokpelli Trail and Copper Harbor.

On those rainy rest days, Fritz enjoys playing drums and flute and reading post-modern fiction. His favorite books include Gravity’s Rainbow, Madame Bovary, the Odyssey and Infinite Jest. Fritz is working on his PhD in Rhetoric and Philosophy and hopes to someday become either a professor at Hillsdale College or a Lutheran pastor.

He also makes bomber breakfast burritos and has a deep love for goats (which you will come to know as “gotez”).

Fritz can be found on Instagram as @fredbill222.