S2:E3 – A Love Letter to Aid Climbing (feat. Jeremy Cleaveland and Steve Nutting)

Jeremy Cleaveland is the owner, head seamster and lead janitor for Cleaveland Mountaineering (“Better Suffering through Engineering”). His custom bikepacking gear has been ridden and carried across the world. He and his wife Robin live in Grand Junction, CO with their three boys and a horse, all of whom routinely onsight 5.11d trad in flip-flops (except the horse, who wears horseshoes).

Jeremy is also famous for his culinary prowess and has put up the first ingestion of several stout trad recipes including Mount Bachelor Beans (5b HVS) and Mystery Man Salad (5.4 M6).

Steve Nutting resides in Cotopaxi, Colorado and serves as Program Director of Journey Quest, a Christ-Centered Wilderness Ministry & Whitewater Rafting Outfitter based out of Colorado’s Arkansas River valley in the Cotopaxi area. Like anyone at a small organization, Steve wears many hats at Journey Quest where he oversees marketing, web-design, rock-climbing, mountaineering, backcountry trips, and multi-day ministry trips.

Before joining Journey Quest, Steve served as a supervisor and guide for 15 years at Camp Redcloud in Lake City, Colorado. His role with Redcloud included training staff, marketing, risk-management, and guiding climbing and mountaineering trips.

Steve is an avid mountaineer, climber, hiker and skier. He is a certified AMGA Single Pitch Instructor and Wilderness EMT-Intermediate. When not out in the mountains, Steve enjoys music, gourmet cooking, reading, graphics design, computers, and just hangin’ out.

During the off-season, Steve is a moonlight web-developer and graphics designer, and often volunteers with the local EMS and Search and Rescue teams.




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