S2:E1 – Poetry of the Vertical Part 1 (feat. Pat Ament)

Pat Ament has 38 books and over 200 magazine articles. Some twenty-five of his pieces appear in various anthologies of best writings. According to award winning writer Jim Perrin, “No one gets over better the intricacies of animal ecstasies of rock climbing, and Pat’s gift for succinct characterization is something to marvel at.”

The great boulderer and distinguished personality John Gill has said, “The writing is simply the best that climbing has to offer — artful, splendid, absorbing.” In all Pat’s writings and creative pursuits, he is — above all — creative. Respected writer and climber Tom Higgins has written, “A searching, turning mind comes to toy with your presumptions and haunt you with images and imaginings, like a mountain wind.”

Pat has won the Best Spirit Award at Telluride’s Mountain film festival and, internationally, several outstanding achievement awards for film. In 2013 he was inducted into the Boulder Sports Hall of Fame. He was among the few foremost masters during the 1960’s, America’s golden age of climbing. He started out, no more than a boy, as Layton Kor’s partner. Then Royal Robbins took Pat under his wing, and Pat would go on to team with such masters as Tom Higgins, Chuck Pratt, and John Gill. A university gymnast, Pat was Gill’s bouldering partner.

Pat has been called a “Renaissance Man,” as he is a chess master, award-winning artist, pianist, songwriter, poet, photographer, and karate black belt. His humor, imagery, and gentle spirit have endeared him to a wide following.

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