S1:E5 – The Walk of Shame (feat. Ryan Gajewski)


@aidan.on.the.rocks is permastoked on life and enjoys every style of climbing more than bouldering. He enjoys pushing his limits on ice and rock but also kicking back on easy multipitch trad and savoring the vertical life.

Aidan is currently studying writing at Fort Lewis College in Durango and works at the best gear shop west of the Mississippi. One time he and a co-worker @burritopie received a call from someone asking for tips on tying a stuck knot. They walked the kid through a couple of options (nut tool, whack it against the rock, get stronger, etc) and finally suggested that he bring the knot in. The kid said “Umm … I can’t right now. I’m tied into it at the top of a route trying to clean and lower.” Rumor has it that the climber’s remains are still hanging from “Golf Widow” at Girl Scout Wall. #bootyalert

Ryan Gajewski works for Trango as an engineer … A maintenance engineer, that is. Whatever, he still gets prodeals. He has many hidden talents including near fluency in Old English (ask him to recite a passage from Beowulf sometime) and an uncanny sense of when it’s going to rain, although that’s probably due to the rheumatory arthritis instead of a real talent.

This one time, Ryan was hanging out on top of Half Dome enjoying some post-send mango LeCroix when he was seized with a sudden urge to drop kick a watermelon off the summit. Legend has it that Alekz Zebastian the Crushin’Russian caught the watermelon (but not with his hands, feet or mouth) and proceeded to swallow it whole, rind and all. Cedar Wright took photos but then the camera screen cracked because it couldn’t handle the sight of such prodigious neck meat. Ryan’s favorite band is One Direction, as you’ve probably heard already blaring from his bluetooth speaker at the crag as he’s sending your mom and her project simultaneously.

Ryan didn’t get us his bio in time.

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