S1:E3 – A Game of Inches (feat. Pamela Shanti Pack)

Gotographs and bio courtesy of pamelashantipack.com

Pamela is a professional climber, Pilates instructor and hydrographic surveyor with a degree from Yale University and a Professional Certification in GIS and Remote Sensing. She has been seeking out North America’s most challenging inverted and vertical offwidth climbs since 2008.

Pamela Shanti Pack, Indian Creek, UT

Pamela was the recipient of Climbing Magazine’s Golden Piton Award for traditional climbing in 2009 for establishing , Gabriel 5.13c, a 65′ inverted offwidth roof, in Zion National Park. She has over 50 first female ascents of offwidths throughout the American West including the first female ascent of Lucille 5.13a (onsight) in Vedauwoo, WY.

Ryan Gajewski works for Trango and can place a Big Bro lefthanded behind his head on a snowy moonless night while quoting Kierkegaard by memory in the original German. He firmly believes that chalk, sticky rubber and SLCD’s are aid. One time he drop-kicked a watermelon off the top of Half Dome just to see what would happen. According to Camp 4 legend, Aleks Zebastian caught it in midair and sawllowed it whole, rind and all.

Ryan didn’t get us his bio in time.
…But SGP mascot Djali the Baby Boer sure did. BLEAT!


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