The Approach Pitch

Welcome to Sender’s Game Podcast.

A great show to listen to in or atop the car.

The show is currently in beta production. We’ll release it on iTunes, Google and Spotify in about two weeks.

Current guests include Pam Pack, Rob Pizem, Marcus Garcia, Michael Pang, Angela VanWiemeersch, Chris Schulte and the Wideboys.

Each show has a central topic and several repeating segments, including but not limited to …

– The Spray — climber describes her favorite route move-by-move without mentioning the route name.

– The Scare — climber tells about his closest call or best epic.

– The Shit —  💩 stories. Erryone has one.

Sender’s Game Podcast — Not Just About Climbing

As Snoop would say, y’all just chill til the next episode.

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